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Behind Enemy Lines: Conservative Communiques from Left-Wing New York - Signed by the Author

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Sale on Behind Enemy Lines: Conservative Communiques from Left-Wing New York - Signed by Ray Keating

Here’s a wide-ranging collection of columns and essays from Ray Keating covering faith, economics, politics, history, trade, New York, foreign affairs, immigration, pop culture, business, sports, books, and more.

Keating is a longtime newspaper and online columnist, economist, policy analyst, and novelist. 

In these often confusing and contradictory times, Keating describes his brand of conservatism as traditional, American and Reagan-esque, firmly rooted in Judeo-Christian values, Western Civilization, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and essential ideas and institutions such as the Christian Church, the intrinsic value of each individual, the role of the family, freedom and individual responsibility, limited government, and free enterprise and free markets.

Here are the major sections of Behind Enemy Lines from the Table of Contents...
• Introduction: What is Conservatism?
• Faith Matters
• Economics Isn’t Dismal ... Unless Left to Politicians, the Media and Professors
• Politics: Unsavory and Not-So-Unsavory
• Why Does Anyone Live in New York?
• The Not-So-Ugly American
• Trying to Learn from History
• Business Isn’t Evil
• Trade: Opportunity and Stupidity
• Immigration: Hope and Opportunity
• Pop Culture Ponderings
• Sports: The Great Diversion ... Mostly
• Thoughts on Assorted Books

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