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The Lutheran Planner 2022: The TO DO List Solution

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The Lutheran Planner 2022: The TO DO List Solution – Daily Inspirational Quotes from Holy Scripture and Church Leaders – Easy-to-Use Coil Binding – Signed by Ray Keating

We all need to get things done each day, while also planning our coming week, month and year. However, it is crucial to maintain the right perspective on such matters. The Lutheran Planner 2022: The TO DO List Solution is a tool for each of us in this ongoing endeavor. And you don't have to be a Lutheran to use and enjoy it.

Get organized and set goals using Ray Keating's TO DO List Solution, while enjoying and reflecting upon quotes from Holy Scripture, Church fathers and other Christian thinkers. In addition, feasts, festivals and commemorations throughout the Church year are marked.

The Lutheran Planner 2022: The TO DO List Solution combines a simple, powerful system for getting things done with encouragement, inspiration and consolation from our Christian faith. This planner also offers coil binding so that it lays flat and is easy to use. Ample space is provided to write down and check off tasks, ideas and goals for each day throughout the year.

About The Lutheran Planner 2022: The TO DO List Solution, a Facebook reviewer says, "I love how this is organized and has inspiration on every page. I also love that you put a coil binding on this."

From a review of a previous edition…

“You can benefit from his 'To Do List Solution'... The Lutheran Planner 2020 features daily quotations from Scripture, the Lutheran Confessions, hymns, and edifying writers.” – Lutheran Book Review

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