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Vatican Shadows and Martin Luther Quote Mug

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Signed Copy of Vatican Shadows: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel and Martin Luther Quote Mug!

Vatican Shadows: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel - Signed Copy

More than 500 years ago, two men tried to bring about change in the Catholic Church. They suffered, with one burned at the stake. Could a modern-day pope transform these reformers from heretics to heroes in the eyes of the Catholic Church? Shadowy figures inside and outside The Vatican oppose Pope Paul VII’s efforts, and stand willing to do anything to stop him. For help, the pope turns to Stephen Grant, a Lutheran pastor, former Navy SEAL and onetime CIA operative. 


"The best of 13 in the series in this reviewer's opinion. I say that because I've very much enjoyed each novel in the series. Each exhibits Keating's writing, creative gifts, e.g., great plot and development, well-developed characters, well-researched subject matter, and right on theology. However, in my mind what is added to Vatican Shadows is a hyper upgrade of theology, i.e. Hus and Luther, as well as Pierre Le Gros' sculpture involving them, 'The Triumph of Faith over Heresy.' In fact, this sets the plot at a high level for me as well. This is a carryover from #12 novel, The Traitor, which left me wanting to get my hands and eyes on this work involving the Vatican and Pope. It certainly did not disappoint but left me desiring #14! Buy it, share it, gift it."  - Pastor Rod Zwonitzer, retired host of KFUO radio's "BookTalk"

"The thirteenth in this series not only jumps off from the last book, The Traitor, but it also picks up from themes and ideas from the first novel of them all, Warrior Monk! It's action-packed and full of Luther-embracing, ecumenical optimism. One new character in particular added insight and sort of a reversed situation of Stephen Grant. I liked that. Yes, there are a few steamy scenes. Yes, there's some language. Violence? Yep. But there is also a persistent drive to work toward the healing and restoration between Christian denominations. Hus, Luther, and an amazingly Luther-friendly pope play important parts to this story, and serious developments will obviously affect novels to come. Another fun read in what I might call the genre of ecclesiastical political thriller."  - Mary J. Moerbe, author of Ecclesiastical Poetry - Volume I: Introduction and "Meet, Write & Salutary" blog

“Readers are rewarded with a good plot, character development, fascinating theological and moral conundrums, and more than one payoff when the subplots are resolved… Reading book review copies of Pastor Stephen Grant novels never feels like homework. It's a reward for me as a book reviewer. It's amazing how theological tension, detailed action scenes, and personal riddles can be so relaxing to read!”  - Lutheran Book Review

Martin Luther Mug - God, Our Neighbors and Good Works

This is one of Ray Keating's favorite quotes from Martin Luther. Grab your mug today!

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